About the Chef:  SoulFête! is the brain child of trained chef Danny Everett.  Danny was born in Texas, and developed a love of soulful cooking from his mother, father and grandmother.  He began cooking four-course meals and baking decadent desserts for his entire family at the young age 10 years old.

Danny is also a Gold and Bronze Olympic medalist, NCAA Champion at UCLA, and former world-record holder in Track & Field.  While Danny traveled around the world for competitions, he had the pleasure of dining with dignitaries and eating amazing international cuisines in over 20 countries including France, Italy, Monte Carlo, Spain, India, Switzerland, Belgium, Japan, South Korea, India and Russia.

Danny combined his love of cooking, his formal training at the Los Angeles Culinary Institute, and his first-hand exposure to international cuisine, to create a unique point-of-view in which he infuses his home-born southern sensibility to create amazing and savory multi-culture cuisines!

He has catered numerous weddings and private parties primarily by word-of-mouth across several U.S. states including California, Texas and Alaska.  His culinary talents have even been featured on "Good Morning America".  By popular demand, he is now inviting you to enjoy first-hand his talent and love for cooking.   If this event sounds appetizing to you, then come and celebrate SoulFête! style!

​​​​​About Us

SoulFête! (Soul FEH-t) - is a combination of the word "Soul" (as in the "essence" or "spirit" of a culture), and the French word "Fête" (meaning 'Celebration') - and is a delicious and exciting "pop up" culinary event series featuring savory and scrumptious multi-cultural cuisine, tasty beverage pairings, music and entertainment.  We celebrate the "essence" and "spirit" of a culture's food and music traditions through education and special events.  There is no limit to the diversity of cultures SoulFête! celebrates.  It is expansive and inclusive and includes any number of cultures including American, African, Cajun, Spanish, French, and Italian.

SoulFête! culinary events are only offered several times a year, and each dining and entertainment event is unique.  Foodies, “libation enthusiasts” (ahem), and music fans alike will delight in and enjoy the special and delicious culinary point-of-view that SoulFête! offers.  And a portion of our event proceeds support youth charities!


Our Culinary Approach:  We create elevated food experiences that celebrate an eclectic diversity of regional and ethnic cuisines, some exciting new dishes and others that pay homage to well-known favorites, all presented with our own special Southern grace and easygoing, homestyle flair of smoked and sultry flavors, spicy international seasonings and sweet accents.

Now imagine enjoying this dining experience as a four or five-course meal, surrounded by family and friends, in an intimate and elegant, yet casual down-home setting.  If that sounds appetizing to you, then we invite you to enjoy the SoulFête! experience!

"Our specialty - elevating your favorite dishes with

a down-home Southern grace of smoky flavors, international seasonings and sweet accents!"